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How would you like to have Cheerio’s and blueberries for breakfast? Orange Roughy and asparagus for dinner? Our cutting edge protocol has been developed for our premium drops, combining to make the HCG diet experience enjoyable while you lose weight from the problem areas of your body. The protocol has been tested and developed specifically for an American diet for the past 32 years and includes 30 types of protein, 23 varieties of vegetables and 14 delicious fruits. We encourage eating breakfast, keeping a high metabolism throughout the day and providing constant nourishment for your body. We have found that people lose better and feel better eating our 750 calories rather than the restrictive 500 calories most other companies promote. If you can eat better and lose better why not? A study concluded last summer showed that people who used our drops and our protocol lost 22% more than anyone using the next best drop and protocol combination. You can trust our HCG product, our protocol and our 30 years of knowledge to guide you successfully through this weight loss experience.
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