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Thanks for the quick response. I will try a bit more protein and consider taking one more drop sequence. I am so excited about the weight I have already lost. I still cannot believe that this works so well.

Yes I have started the drops, and YES they are working! I am so amazed, I have been trying to get these pounds off for years, trying many different things, always the same results. None. So yes I am loving what is happening.

A friend of mine has been on your drops for 29 days and has lost a total of 28.2 pounds. For the first time I have truly been excited about starting a diet. Thank you very much

First of all this stuff works great!!! I have went from 249 to 228 in 13 days. The program was hard at first, but it is so worth it and I got my swagger back. I can't wait to be 200 again. I printed doubles for my friends and they are waiting to see what the tester does before ordering. Thank you. Jason

When people give me hugs they're amazed at how much tighter and smaller I am. I do feel like I'm still losing, but I might just do an all protein day to give me a boost. I'm at 132 so i'd like to get to about 120 to 125ish. so hopefully I'll start dropping weight again. it's so odd because I have not been very hungry at all and I get full so fast :) it's great.

I lost 8 pounds this week and all is well. I got my next supply how long are they good for? I think I will be at my weight in the next 10 days so how long will they still be fresh?

How young can you be to do this diet?

Thanks! This is great!


The first 12 days – to me – was very successful…. 8 pounds in 12 days. AND as I stated in my fax the only side affect was more energy!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I went back to the gym

& the gals I worked out with saw a HUGE difference. One gal said "Jean,

you are super skinny !" I still have those last 13 pounds to lose but

just losing those first 33 pounds made the biggest difference.

Again thank you. It has been a great experience.

Things are going fine. Lost 8lbs. in 10 days. This is working!



Hi! I am on day 7 and have lost 5.4 lbs and feel great. Do NOT eat a pickle.....I ate one at the football game and I gained 2 lbs. I guess the salt was too much.


I am doing well thank you, I weighed for the first time this am and have lost 12lbs, so I am very excited about the first four days!!! can't wait for next weeks weigh in!

I am 44, 5' 8" and began 8 days ago at 225 lbs. As of this morning 214 lbs. Very very happy with this plan!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  My wife and I just finished our first 40 days with great results.  She lost 30 lbs. and I have lost 43 lbs.  We stayed exactly on the protocol and it worked!! 

I am checking in. I have lost 12 pounds! YAY J


I will tell everyone I know about how great this is. Absolutelty AMAZING!

Stephen gained four on the load days. He then started VLCD on Thurs of last week and by Saturday had lost 8 pounds and as of yesterday 11. I know he has more to lose, is a man, is 20 yrs younger than me, is eating meat, and this is his second round (he did Releana over the holiday season). Still, I'm VERY envious. He'll lose in his first week about what I hope to lose total(I'm going for about 20). He says these drops are acting about the same as the Releana did. He hasn't had to take his insulin for 4 days. The first 2 nights of VLCD I slept about 12 hours and he said he couldn't sleep at all. Then the next night he said he got "one of the top 5 nights of sleep in his life". 

My sister told me about this and she found out from one of the women she works with who has been on the diet for 4 months and lost 60 lbs. As soon as I receive the product I need to go thru the food restrictions and then get to the grocery store and start the diet. I will keep you posted. Thank you for the tips.

I have lost 60 pounds!!!!!! Thanks Jan for all your help and advice.  I still have at least 40 more to go – do I keep on the drops with no break? On line people keep talking about a break every few weeks but I don’t see why.

I have a sister on thyroid medicine and she wonders if she can do this?

I just read Kevin Trudeau’s book. It is awesome. Interestingly, I had picked it up a couple of years ago and it all sounded crazy. Now I know!

Jan, I received your e-mail and I am anxious to start this diet as soon as I receive my order. A friend recommended this website. As a nurse I did some research of my own. I felt ordering from Schroeders was a safe and thorough site. I did receive the protocol also. As soon as I recieve the HCG drops I will let you know.    

I have been on the diet now for 24 days. As of today I have lost 22 pounds.

I have lost a total of 35 ¼ pounds.  I will get in touch with you soon. 

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